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WHEN "God Speaks, Devotional Responses to Every 3: 16 in the New Testament "God is speaking. Are we listening? When we're lonely, confused, or angry, God speaks to us. When we're content, satisfied, or joyful, God speaks to us. Join the Christian Writers Fellowship of Western North Carolina on a journey through the New Testament's 3:16 passages. God speaks to us through His word. He wants to speak to you too.

John 3:16 has always been a favorite of thousands of Christians. Then one day I became interested in what Matthew, Mark and Luke had to say. Those Gospels were surely as magnificent as the more familiar one in John. Sure enough, my eyes and heart opened to a new revelation that was deep and fulfilling as the one I had known from memory. Then I went to Acts, Romans, I and 2nd Corinthians and on it went. When I had gone through Revelation, I felt led of the Lord to write my responses.

May 2013 publication.






(all proceeds go to the purchase of Christian children's books for libraries).

Contact Lucy for a copy.



WHEN GOD STEPS IN - "How Sweet the Sound" Lucy has a story in this collection of fifty stories about peoples' experience as God touched their lives.

September 2007 publication from Standard Publishing.


CHANGED: TRUE STORIES OF FINDING GOD IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC - (released in Spring 2005 by Standard Publishing) -

"The Touch of Jesus" (by Lucy Adams) My son was afraid. I was too. His emergency surgery was a terrible surprise that hot summer day. His recovery was a blessing and my life was never the same again. Praise the Lord!

GOD's LOVE STRENGTHENS AGAINST PREJUDICE - Lucy's story is from the Herald - Citizen, Cookeville, TN.

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