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"In the Beginning" - Lucy Neeley Adams

Lucy Adams 2020

In 1984 in Nashville, Tennessee I began to write answers for the question, "Why do people write songs?" Those stories first appeared on a radio program that I created: THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG aired on Christian radio station WWGM.

The program began as I sang six words, "I Love to Tell the Story" and said: "Hi friends, this is Lucy Adams and I tell the story behind the song." I continued the show for five minutes with a message that answered ... who, what, where and why of the hymn - plus a verse or two of the music. These programs continued to play for many years in various towns in Tennessee.

When I moved to Cookeville, TN, I continued to tell the story of the origin of hymns in the local newspaper, the Herald- Citizen. Entitled, SONG STORIES, my column ran for five years. Cookeville Creative Writers chose me as the Writer of the Year in 1998. Then in the year 2000, my book, 52 HYMN STORY DEVOTIONS was published by Abingdon Press. It includes 52 stories surrounded by Scripture and a prayer. Each devotion closes with the words of the hymns'first verse. You will find in various stories, personal illustrations of my faith journey and how these hymns have effected my life. Therefore, the book is filled with more than history.

WELCOME to the world of great hymns of our Christian faith.

God bless you, Lucy

You will find in these devotions the richness of her faith and her personal joy in the gift of hymns. Lucy is the wife of a United Methodist minister. They have served together in ministry for over forty years.

Lucy Neeley Adams is an author who now lives in Hermitage, TN. She has written articles in numerous publications. Her book with Abingdon Press is 52 Hymn Story Devotions.

52 Hymn Story Devotions is ideal for anyone who enjoys hymns and leads devotions at church meetings, choir rehearsals, and Sunday school. The volume can also be used by individuals for personal devotions.

ISBN: 0687078075
Published: Abingdon Press 04/2000
Pages: 81
Binding: Trade Paper (Paperback)
Dimensions: 8.42 L x 5.43 W x 0.24 H
Weight: 0.24 lbs


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