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52 Hymn Story Devotions

Lucy Neeley Adams

Dear Friends,

It is a joy to share the Good News of our Lord Jesus.  I treasure the Matthew 28:19 scripture ; "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel" which was the theme for a  Bible Study class with some friends a few years ago.  My book had just come from the publisher and we agreed that we could all  share our faith through hymns.

So we began a "Jesus Loves You Fellowship".  Four hymns were the basis for this sharing, and it was a 
refreshing way to "preach the Gospel" in music. 

"Jesus Love Me" tells of the blessing of His love.    
"Softly and Tenderly" reminds us that we are being called to proclaim His love to others.  
"Amazing Grace" is the bedrock hymn of the ages .
"Go Tell It On The Mountain" was being sung at church when one of our dear family members accepted Jesus as his Savior.

The great picture , "Risen Christ by the Sea" (John 21:12) was used with permission of the FELLOWSHIP OF MERRY CHRISTIANS. It is a perfect calling to four powerful hymns.  And I am thankful that in 52 HYMN STORY DEVOTIONS you will find all four of them with the amazing stories of how they came to us.  Praise the Lord ! 

God bless you always,


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"Jesus Loves You Fellowship"
In the Bible we read these words of Jesus,
"Believe in God, believe also in me." (John 14:1)
As we believe, we can know God's perfect love.
The following stories and songs tell of God's
plan for our lives.

1. 'Jesus Loves Me' - This simple, childlike song has its beginnings in a very short poem in a very long novel ...
2. 'Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling' - The dynamic preaching of evangilist Dwight L. Moody was over: he lay on his deathbed ...
3. 'Amazing Grace' - Even the sound of sweet-grace, grace-it is amazing...
4. 'Go Tll It On the Mountain' - The carolers in our town who sing from door to door often sound like a band of angels ...

God bless you,
Lucy N. Adams


" a pebble being tossed into crystal clear waters creating ripples of new understanding..."
"...inspirational work of art." - "I love Lucy Adams ..." - "...I highly recommend this book."

Hymns inspire an author’s book
Lucy Adams turns 52 songs of devotion a top seller

By VICKI HYATT, Staff writer,
LAKE JUNALUSKA -- Lucy Neeley Adams, author of “52 Hymn Story Devotions,” claims there is nothing original in her recently published book.

“I haven’t written a thing that hasn’t already been said somewhere, except for the personal illustrations about what a hymn meant to me,” she says humbly.

But researching the beginnings of some of the most popular hymns through the ages, condensing the story and then adding a poignant “personal touch” has been a popular concept. It has taken Adams on a journey from a music ministry within the Methodist churches where her husband has pastored to a radio personality, then a newspaper columnist and finally to writing a book.

Within this site, you will find a brief history of Lucy Neeley Adams, excerpts from 52 Hymn Story Devotions, Benefits & Reviews, a story of "Our Song" and how to purchase "52 Hymn Story Devotions" from either:

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