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52 Hymn Story Devotions

Lucy Neeley Adams

My friends,

Ever wondered why my book has the number 52 in the title?

52 HYMN STORY DEVOTIONS is a reminder that there are 52 weeks in the year and there are 52 hymn stories in my book. Therefore, you are to read only ONE hymn story a week, and at the end of 2014 you will have finished the entire book! Just kidding, of course, but reading one per week is a good way to have a consistent devotional time: you can study the story, the Scripture passage, and all the verses of the hymn.

Actually, you go ahead and read the book anyway your heart desires. I welcome you to the good world of 52 HYMN STORY DEVOTIONS.

God bless you,


No Other Love

Throughout my early school years, my diary highlights always included what happened on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. Amazing entries consisted of how many I received and did the right boy send one. His name could have been Buzzy, Ernest, Sam, David, Tom, Dick or Harry. Who was THE one for that day? My mother agreed lots of boyfriends were better than just one at those times in my life. I think the perfect description was “puppy love.” ... (Read the entire article HERE)

His Name is Wonderful

Hugging my young son, Ben, was always a joy. Now that he is a grown man, I don't remember every hug, of course, but one special one I will never forget. It happened on the first school day in January. In his class they were to bring a favorite Christmas gift for show-and-tell so they could tell why it was special. Ben was leaving the house with nothing to share and I asked why.

That dear little six year old boy dropped his head and said it was because he didn't get anything he wanted for Christmas. I knelt beside him and almost cried. However, we hugged and I expressed my sorrow that we had not chosen gifts that made him very happy. In the days to come we went shopping and he chose a favorite toy that he had wished for. ... (Read the entire article HERE)

The Old Rugged Cross Lights the Way

The cross at Lake Junaluska has a beautiful history that is treasured. It was to be only a summer blessing when it was dedicated on July 10, 1922.

But the Southern Railway employees had a special request. Could it be lighted each night throughout the whole year because of the inspiration it gave to them as they traveled through this area. Their request was granted and the rest is history. Thousands have been blessed because of its presence each day and especially each night when the lights come on. (Read the entire article HERE)



Look at a few of my 52 hymn stories!

  • "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" ( Luthers' complaints sounded all around the world )

  • "Amazing Grace" (Newton's life of degradation suddenly changed.)

  • "America the Beautiful" (Bates was unhappy with her poem)

  • "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (Howe decided the words were horrible)

  • " It Is Well With My Soul" (Spafford wept as he read, "Saved alone")

  • "Jesus Loves Me" (This simple, childlike song has its beginnings in a very short poem in a very long novel. Today, millions of people know the poem written by Anna Warner. The novel has been forgotten.)

  • " Just As I Am " (She could not believe the cold, hard facts. The prognosis of her disease was eventual paralysis. As Charlotte Elliotts' frustrations grew into anger, she wondered why God would allow such a thing to happen.)
  • " a pebble being tossed into crystal clear waters creating ripples of new understanding..."
    "...inspirational work of art." - "I love Lucy Adams ..." - "...I highly recommend this book."


    Hymns inspire an author’s book
    Lucy Adams turns 52 songs of devotion a top seller

    By VICKI HYATT, Staff writer,
    LAKE JUNALUSKA -- Lucy Neeley Adams, author of “52 Hymn Story Devotions,” claims there is nothing original in her recently published book.

    “I haven’t written a thing that hasn’t already been said somewhere, except for the personal illustrations about what a hymn meant to me,” she says humbly.

    But researching the beginnings of some of the most popular hymns through the ages, condensing the story and then adding a poignant “personal touch” has been a popular concept. It has taken Adams on a journey from a music ministry within the Methodist churches where her husband has pastored to a radio personality, then a newspaper columnist and finally to writing a book.

    Within this site, you will find a brief history of Lucy Neeley Adams, excerpts from 52 Hymn Story Devotions, Benefits & Reviews, a story of "Our Song" and how to purchase "52 Hymn Story Devotions" from either:

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